Helping Business-Owners Attract Customers & Maximize Profits

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In addition to its residential services, M&J Painting also offers a full array of commercial painting and renovation services to business-owners throughout Florence, Burlington and the greater Boone County area. Our commercial painting and remodeling services help entrepreneurs breathe new life into their business operations, impressing customers and increasing profits in turn. These services include but are not limited to:

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New Construction

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Whether you own a restaurant, a bowling alley, an auto shop or anything in between, constructing new facilities and property additions can help you attract and accommodate scores of new customers. With decades of experience remodeling businesses across Burlington, M&J Painting has the knowledge and skill to make for a robust, aesthetically pleasing improvement to any commercial property.

Commercial Painting

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Your business’s paint job determines more than its immediate appeal to passers-by or potential customers. It can also affect your property valuation, energy consumption, adherence to codes and much more. M&J Painting offers the greater Burlington, KY area’s finest commercial painting services, using Sherwin-Williams paint products to deliver the quality service our area’s business-owners deserve.

Cabinets, Decks & Fine Finishes

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The standards that apply to commercial decks and other renovations are often different from the standards that apply to residential remodeling projects. For over 25 years, M&J Painting has helped business-owners complete long-lasting cabinet, deck and fine finish projects at some of Boone County’s most competitive prices. We work tirelessly to complete all work in a timely and professional manner.

Interior & Exterior Services

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Whether your business requires a new coat of paint across its inner walls or a complete patio renovation, M&J Painting has the equipment and expertise to get the job done. We offer comprehensive painting and remodeling services for interiors and exteriors alike, taking care to ensure everything we install is durable and visually appealing. Call today to learn more about our interior and exterior services.

Carpentry Repair

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The team at M&J Painting boasts decades of experience working in commercial carpentry repair. It takes a finer skillset to make renovations and changes to existing wooden structures, but with generations of expertise between our team members and an inventory that includes the industry’s most cutting-edge equipment, M&J Painting is sure to deliver carpentry repair services you can count on.


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Over the years, we have helped countless business-owners complete drywall projects that transform the insides of their properties. Whether you’re creating new rooms or just trying to change things up, M&J Painting can help your business put drywall up faster than anybody else around. Call today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about our drywall installation (and demolition) services.

Pressure Washing

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Without a regular deep cleaning, the exterior of your commercial building can suffer serious cosmetic damage over time, forcing you as a property-owner to spend thousands of dollars fixing preventable issues. M&J Painting offers recurring and one-time pressure washing services to business owners throughout Burlington and the surrounding areas. Give us a call today to learn more about how to rejuvenate your business’s exterior with a quick power wash.

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